Sabotage and espionage Idea

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Sabotage and espionage Idea

Postby MNP » Fri Oct 09, 2015 3:29 am

When the other factions donsen't like you, they send saboteurs to mess with your fort and missions.
This idea is how it coul be, if the player were able to do the same.

All you need is one person (group size limit, only one person on this kind of mission at each building)

You can send them to the factions fort, there will be a, option on the weel that says "Infiltrate"
A second weel will come and you can chose the kind of mission they shall preform.

Gather inteligence - Leadership - The spy will try to blend in with the rest of the people in the fort, and gather information about the faction
What they got in storage
Their diplomatic standings (What factions they like and such)
If they are planing to do something against others (fx. sending saboteurs or attacking)
It can fail in 2 ways (Apart from capture)
-Guards started to notice - The guards started to get suspicious when they saw me snooping around and asking questions, I had to leave before they found out who I was.
-Cover got blow - happens if the spy got the Former Faction member perk of the faction he/she is spying on - One of my old friends at the [Name of the faction] base recognized me, we had an ok talk, but I had to get out of there before he realized that I wasn't a member of their faction any more.

Steal - Scavenger - The infiltrators will try to steal items and resources from the other faction, it will only be a little bit (not as much as a raid), but unless they are caught, you won't lose any respect with the other faction.
2 ways of failing (apart from capture)
-Too well guarded - There were too many guards around their storage, there was just no way to get to the goods.
- Nothing to steal - The faction didn't have ANYTHING worth stealing, not even a single potato (Most likely to happen if you have been stealing / rainding the faction a lot over a short time)

Sabotage wall - Can only be done at edge of the enemy fort (but can't be done to the HQ) - Builder and 1 Explosive - The saboteur will try to find a weak spot in the wall next to the building, and blow it. The building will be overrun by zombies and excluded from the fort.
The mission can fail in 3 ways (apart from capture)
-Wall didn't get destroyed - The wall was stronger than anticipated, and the explosion wasn't strong enough to make it collapse.
-Building got blown instead - The saboteur messed up and accidently blow the building instead of the wall (the building gets destoyed, but is still part of the fort)
-Too well guarded - There were no way the saboteur coud get close enough to plant the explosives, he/she had to abort the mission when the guards started to get suspicious (you get the explosives back, since they weren't used)
If one of your spies/saboteurs is caught, the missions will not be completed and the faction will do one of 4 things (The player has the same options)
- Let him/her go - No questions asked and no harm comes to the captured and he/she returns home.
- Question him/her - Mildly question the survivor and let him/her go, there is a small chance that they will talk, but they will be set free after.
- Interrogate him/her - Higher chance that he/she will talk, and a chance that he/she will die under the interrogation (less chance for death if the survivor has the Tough perk)
- Lock him/her up - A new option, keep the captured locked up, it will require a Police Station, (as if the person "took time off") and you can be talk with the faction about trading the captured for an other captured, or for resources.

If you find out that a faction is planing to attack an other faction, you can talk with that faction, and tell them, so they can prepare for the attack, and with enough leadership skill, you can convince them to start a war, so both factions get weaker.
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