Suggestion: easiler user interface ideas

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Suggestion: easiler user interface ideas

Postby luisdiego30 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 11:17 pm

1) It would be nice when you move your mouse toward the edge of the screen the screen would move instead of holding the mouse and dragging it all the time (sometime I accidentally move the soliders when I ment to move the screen) 2) I like the notifications pops up in the game, I wish that it would notify you though when the zombies are grouping together to attack you, your going to run out of food in three days, their more room for survivors, your survivor level up in the school, their a useless building you could demolish, your running out of ammo, medicine, or materials. 3) It would help that a mini-map would be include in the final game, because if your playing on a huge map dragging would be annoying. Also the mini-map could display where the factions are and where the zombies are building up at, so you would know where your attention should be on the map. 4) With the school you could add a option to remove him from the school when he reaches a specific level since sometime you forget you have survivors in school and when picking survivors I don't know how the game sort it out when you pick skills,but it should ask which skill you want to look at since sometime you would like to add a survivor with a high skill and one with a low skill to help the lower skill survivor. 5) The music should change when your danger sign changes color to add tensions and to alert you.
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