Suggestion about survivors that come from other factions

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Suggestion about survivors that come from other factions

Postby almightymarc » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:47 am

It would be a nice addition to the game if some survivors showed up at your gate, earned the group's trust and then did everything to sabotage the group, like making up fights and rising up tensions in the group, stealing food, ammo or materials, giving info of the group to the other factions, yeah, they would be sent by one of these factions to do that. They could even make some people so unhappy that they could make them leave the fort. I have some ideas for the specific classes of the game.

If the survivor is a soldier: In missions he would make up the fights between the other survivors, or simply he would try to hurt them; They could sabotage your weapons or items that are not being used; waste more ammo than it should be used and so on.

If the survivor is a builder: He could build and "fortify" some buildings always letting some weak spots where the zombies or his own faction could use to invade later; Sabotage your farms or other buildings so you have to build them again.

If the survivor is a scavenger: He could steal some of the foods, items, ammo, medications etc and give it to the other factions.

If the survivor is a scientist: It may take some more time to finish the research; he could give the research details to other factions so they will be stronger.

If the survivor is a leader: If he is working in the church, he will make the devout survivors to fight or even protest against the ones that enjoy the love caravan or spend the day drinking in the bar, but if he is working in a bar, he could make up fights against the ones in the church accusing them of being addopting methods of the church of the chosen ones and of hiding zombies for rituals inside the church and etc. As a leader, he could easily decrease the happiness and cause fights or anything like that, even dividing everyone in voting for policies, and at least getting some of the survivors with the feeling that the policy decision was not the best for them.
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