Zombie Survivors and Cure Ending?

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Zombie Survivors and Cure Ending?

Postby BDWSSBB » Tue Aug 05, 2014 11:04 am

I was playing Rebuild 3 for the couple of days, and I always have one problem. There were never enough people in my fort. I had too much vacant housing, but I do know the faction "The Rotten", which is a zombie faction, so why can't we have zombie "survivors" too?

Here's what I was thinking. Every time someone does a "Kill Zombies" mission on a square that has never been cleared from zombies (To prevent recruits farming), this event will appear prompting if the player wants to invite the zombie into the fort.

Example Dialog:
Special Zombies (Title)
Just as we were clearing the last few zombies out in the <Insert place>, we were up to a cornered zombie. <Random survivor on the mission> was wiping out the last few, but this zombie was interesting. He/She mumbled out the words, "Don't...". I kept my distance away from it for a while, and after a few seconds, he/she finished.

"Don't shoot... me..."

If <= 3 zombies in your fort:
This seems too odd to be true; a zombie speaking? Something tells me this is fishy, but if we have a working zombie in the fort, we may get a lot of help from him.

So what should we do?

If > 3 zombies in your fort:
I'm going to say talking to those zombie clients we saw was a good idea. After all, they're part of our workforce here at <Insert city name>. So we can safely bet this zombie will do the same too, right?

Options: Talk to him more, walk away, forcibly shoot him.

If "Talk to him more" was selected:
We decided to let this strange zombie speak up more, and he/she told about how he was somehow able to resist part of the virus's influence. He/she must be right, because if he was able to talk to us, there may be more potential this thing can get.

We can bring him/her back to the fort, but he/she needs a big rest to refresh his/her brain, if he/she even has one. I'm not going to rest easily for a bit, because who knows what that thing will ever do? Turn on us? I'll be keeping an eye on this special zed.

Effects: +1 recruit, -5 happiness
The new "recruit" will do the mission "Take time off" for 5 days. This is unchangeable.

If "Talk to him more" was selected after having more than 3 Zombie "Survivors":
We're getting used to the fact that zombies can work for us, so we gave open arms to recruiting him/her.

If "Walk away" was selected:
We're not risking talking to zed, because even smart zed can use their wits against us. But in case he/she has more to speak of, we decided to just leave him/her alone.

Is that what a zed could possibly want? Being alone?

Effects: Nothing

If "Forcibly shoot him" was selected:
<Survivor on the mission> decided there shouldn't be a risk we should take when dealing with zed, and we put the gunpoint on it, then shot it on the head. We may be safe, but was that the best idea we ever made?

This doesn't sound so humane.

Effects: -3 happiness

Zombies will be special and have a special condition "Zombie", which causes missions they do much safer but longer, immune to death caused by bites (Because they already are zombies), cannot equip weapons or tools, and learn skills slower. The also eat double rations. Eventually if you talk to them for a new perk, you may see an option "Smart zombie", which erases the negative sides of being a zombie, except the double rations part.

Later on, when the research "Disease vectors" is finished, an event will appear several days afterward saying:

A possible cure? (Title)
Beginning-After we were done researching how the disease can be transmitted, <Scientist in your fort> was looking a books on how previous diseases were cured or vaccinated. When he/she was done researching how it was done back in the old days, he/she discussed to me about a possible cure for "Zombieism", or as we like to call it. We'll need the right tools, knowledge, and people for this job, and this can be a very hard job to take down.

If you have a zombie in your fort:
But <Zombie in your fort> was eager about the news when he/she overheard, and was happy to be a test subject when needed. Seems like a hefty task, but the first question is, should we let <Zombie> be our test subject?

Options: Yes, No (Skip this step if you have no zombie and replace with "Continue..."

If "Yes" was selected:
<Zombie> was eager to be part of the "program" that we thought about, so we may be able to cut down some time on research. Now we should resume on what we should start on for the cure.

If "No" was selected:
I personally think <Zombie> would be much safer and useful out in the fort doing his normal job, but he/she was a bit bummed. Now we should resume on what we should start on for the cure.

If "Continue..." was selected:
What should we start with for making the cure?

Options (For both): Knowledge, Tools, Both

If "Knowledge" was selected:
We're going to need to study how the zombies act in different scenarios, from seeing a human, to food choices. This should give us an idea of what our "Cure" should be engineered to do, which is to reverse the effects, or I suppose.

If "Tools" was selected:
Surely enough we won't be able to research and make a cure without the right tools and supplies, so we'll need to dig them out from somewhere. We'll let scavengers go find parts that we can use.

If "Both" was selected:
Why focus on one thing when you can do both? The best way to research and make the cure efficiently is to send some people to study zombies and others to find the tools and supplies.

If "Yes" from previous prompt was selected: (Adds to all three prompts here)
<Zombie> was glad to be a big part of this cure if it succeeds, and h/she probably got too excited, because he/she lunged right at me, but resisted at the nick of time. God that was scary, and please don't do that again.

Effects: If "Yes" was selected, the zombie will be in a laboratory doing the "Mission" "Test Subject" forever, which makes him useless for other missions, but still have a mouth to feed. However, missions for the cure will be accelerated. If "No" was selected, there will be no effect on the zombie. If "Knowledge" was selected, Knowledge quests will appear to complete this part, then later tools. If "Tools" was selected, Tools quests will appear to complete this part, then later knowledge. If "Both" was selected, both quests will appear for each branch.

Knowledge quests:

The first quest comes after a few days.

The Swarms (Title)
So first we need to know why the zombies want to take down our fort. The most obvious answer would be because of us, but there must be something else that attracts them. Our theories say the noise and light attracts zed, and us people are influencing more to come in, making them want to eat. We should send a scientist to study the next horde that appears to be coming to our fort, but it's going to be risky. So send a soldier to accompany him, please.

This gives you the option to do "Study horde", with risk. The default time will be 2 days, but a scientist will speed up the mission and a soldier will make this job safer. After this is done, the message will pop up:

Distracting (Title)
Our results we got were very surprising. We experimented with a few items we found on the way, and it turns out making a mini-fort, ah whatever. It's a wall. When we were present, all the zombies shifted their attention to us. We may have delayed the horde for a while too, so that's a good thing too, right?

The next step comes up a few days after the previous part is done.

Do zed even eat like us? (Title)
Now that we know why we are attractive (in a bad way), we're going to experiment if we can "tame" the zombie for a brief amount of time. Since zombies are really just infected humans, they may have some human capabilities. Maybe we just have to teach them how to be a human. Our best result is to find a few zombies and see if it mimics us. Maybe we can suggest it eating an apple instead of meat. We'll send people to experiment when we can.

You can do this mission at anywhere that has less than 10 zombies, but at least one zombie, and the time can be reduced with better scientists and safer with better soldiers. After this is done, a message will pop up.

Mimicking Zombies! (Title)
We found a few zed in the <Place where mission was taken> and got their attention. We did our best to get them to do what we wanted, like eating normal food and building. <Person on the mission> was able to get a zombie to eat a pear and build a small wall by doing the exact same thing and giving the resources, but it only lasted for a few minutes before they decided to resume on eating our brains. We had to shoot them, but at least we got more knowledge about their behavior.

The last mission will appear shortly after the previous mission is done.

Advance zombie thinking (Title)
You know how those zombies attacking the fort always fall for those traps. I really think it's just because they don't know how to avoid it, and now I'm starting to feel a little sympathetic for those dumb things. <Survivor> thinks that zombies can navigate through obstacles if they try hard enough, so maybe you need to influence them with something. I have an idea of what experiment we can do, so we'll send people to try it out.

This mission can be done anywhere with zombies. Like the others, scientists reduce time and soldiers reduce risk.

After this mission is done, the message will pop up.

Like obedient dogs (Title)
We dug out a small pool with a path to follow. No challenge for a human of course, just walk on the path. But the first batch of zombies just fell by walking in a straight line towards us. After using meat and ourselves as bait, more zombies were actually able to go through safely, until we shot them at the end. That's for being a winner of the obstacle course.

This is the end of the Knowledge branch.

Tools Quests:

After a few days, the first quest will appear.

Medical Supplies (Title)
Before we go making the cure, we need to practice a bit with basic medicine. I'm talking about those drugs from the local pharmacy before the outbreak, so we will need some of the medicine we stored in the warehouse. Just in case things don't go as well as expected, we'll need lots of medicine. And I mean lots. 25 batches of medicine should do the trick. We can send anyone to a laboratory to drop them off.

You will need 25 medicine to do this mission. Even if you have the medicine already, you must do the mission to complete it. It takes 0.5 days.

After the mission is done, a message will pop up.

The Basics (Title)
<Survivor> dropped of the medicine at the laboratory, so <Scientist> studied the effects of these. The basic drugs and medical supplies made sense to him/her, and he/she explained how they worked. Turns out the vitamin pills I got were really just to rip me off. How dare you CVS pharmacy.

The next mission comes after a few days. This is when scavengers become useful.

Hospital secrets (Title)
I've always wondered how my sprained leg was able to heal after a few weeks in a hospital before we had so many accidents. All the doctors ever told me was "It's our cast that helps you". But I feel like they did something so when you tried it at home, it just wouldn't work. Hell I got injuries more minor than that, and a small bleeding just wouldn't stop gushing for a month. Now that the secrets can be uncovered, if they have any, we can send some people to look for possible medicals they had.

Scavengers will speed up the process. They will do the mission in a hospital, fortified or not. There is no risk if fortified or next to with no zed, but risk if occupied with zed or far away. Sending soldiers makes it safer.

After the mission is done, a message will pop up.

Black Medicals (Title)
What is this stuff? I don't know, but <Scientist> described it to me as "Black Medicals". Those really should have been reserved for the military, because if they did, we may not have to be dealing with zed in the first place. Jerks. Anyways, we at least can use this for our own good, and for developing a cure.

The next mission comes after a few days.

Going Micro (Title)
We aren't going to be able to zoom into the virus without something that zooms in so much. I bet very few laboratories have these anyways, and I am not betting we even have one in our lab either. But maybe we're just not looking hard enough. We'll send scavengers to see if they find anything useful.

This is like the previous mission, but longer. Any lab works, inside, outside, and of course scavengers reduce time and soldiers make it safer.

After the mission is done, a message will pop up.

All the tools (Title)
It seems like we have everything we got for making vaccinations and advance medicines. Since we can look at the virus now, we can observe it. All we have to do is send a few people to study the virus itself. Hurry up with the common cold cure, I need it.

After you have done both branches of the quests, you can finally work on the cure itself. If you had that zombie survivor from long ago be a test subject, your cure mission time will be reduced by half. The maximum time it takes to make a cure is 60 days, and the minimum is 15. This is without the test subject. The maximum with the test subject is 30 days and the minimum is 7.5. He's now worth all the food you've been feeding now right?

Halfway through the mission, a message will pop up.

Understanding the virus (Title)
It seems like the virus goes into the host's brain and actually demands the host to do certain actions. The virus seems to control the body, overriding the host's will, and practically acts like a controller. In return, in makes the body more stable, making the infected harder to kill. Since all hosts need food, the virus probably influences the infected to go for meat, since it gives it the ability to spread and fulfill the host, even though zombies don't need food. It seems like we can trick the virus though, based on the results we got from the researching.

This is going to be our biggest breakthrough.

Once you are done with the mission, you have completed the cure ending. Congratulations! This message will pop up.
The Cure! (Title)
While not always reverting zombies back to normal humans, the cure we made for zombieism seems to kill the virus. That leaves it to either two fates, killing the host or having the host survive. But the ones who survive usually bleed out from dying after 5 minutes, and now I feel like we could have improved the cure a bit. We did try it on a few few test subjects though, and after some treatments, we were able to invite him into the fort.

If you had a zombie test subject:
<Zombie Test Subject> was proud about the cure and patched up his/her wounds before taking the cure. Before you know it, he/she was back to a human being. He/she gave us a big hug for reverting him back to normal, and now we can truly celebrate.

Options: Continue...

We had spread a gaseous version of this cure into the air, so no more people should be getting infected. That means no more zombies after we clean up the last few, and we may more people out in the streets. Hopefully they thank us for all the troubles we have gone through.

Now it's time to spread into the world.

Effects: +50 happiness, Cure Ending is done, Option to "cure" zombie survivors so the "Zombie" perk/debuff is gone, No more zombies spawn.

Notes: I personally think this ending makes the game too easy though. May need to make it harder.
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