[We write!]: Tester written events

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[We write!]: Tester written events

Postby Llapgochmaster » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:22 am

This thread is for all tester-written events, so that they're easily accessible for culling/editing/inclusion. Go nuts!

Sarah has pulled back the curtain to reveal how she's currently crafting events in Rebuild 3, and invited us to have a go at writing some ourselves. The bad news is that the system isn't exactly user-friendly at the moment, but the good news is that we can refer to just about game state we can imagine! From La Capitana herself:

So here's the deal: Rebuild has no scripting language for events. So it's hard to actually mod and write your own events, but easy to design any kind of requirement/effect you can imagine for me to implement. All variables are up for grabs, and anything that happens can be remembered for later. You could ask how many soldiers over level 5 have died, or gain food equal to the number of mcNoodles in the fort.

When Stephen and I talk about the effects of events we use plain English, and usually don't mention numbers (which I decide). We do have a format for the event text that looks like this:

Code: Select all
zombieBite_title = Zombie Bite
zombieBite_1 = [FormalName] really should have known better than to wander outside the wall. Now [he]'s got a nasty new bite and we've got a bad problem. [He] says it was just a dog, but nobody believes [him].
zombieBite_2 = Turns out [Name] got bit in the last zombie attack and was trying to hide it from us. [He]'s not showing any symptoms yet, but the rest of the guys aren't too happy with having [him] walk around the camp like this.
zombieBite_3 = So [Name]'s been getting really big on eating raw meat recently. I can't remember a time [he] might have got bit by the brain eaters, but I don't like the way [he]'s been eying [his] fellow survivors recently.
zombieBite_option1 = Forcibly quarantine [him]
zombieBite_option2 = Wait and keep an eye on [him]
# hidden unless you have antivenom tech
zombieBite_option3 = Treat [him] with antivenom
# survivor dies
zombieBite_outcome1 = Good thing we locked [him] up, cuz before the next morning [he] was all dead and angry. We shot [him] through a crack in the door.
# survivor dies, another is injured
zombieBite_outcome2 = [Name] turned zombie and the [bastard] almost took [Name2] with [him]. Wasn't life threatening but [Name2]'ll need a day or two to recover.
zombieBite_outcome3 = Antivenom worked like a charm.

The lines starting with # are comments.
These are short examples and text can be 2-3x this length.
There can be a max of 4 options and their text needs to be short to fit.
_1, _2, _3 are alternate text and you can also have _outcome1_1, _outcome1_2 etc.
For gender [he] [him] [his] [hiss] (think about it) [himself] [guy] [man] [dude] [boy] [daddy] [brother] and for missions [we], [us], [our], etc, etc, become I, me, my, etc if there was only one person involved.
Other special terms are [CityName], [square] or [squares] (name of a building), [mission] (we were [mission] at the [square]), [Faction], [FactionAdjective] (those damn [FactionAdjective] dogs had us surrounded).
Or you can pass in a piece of text with {1}, {2}, {3} that can be whatever.

If we wanted to have more outcomes we could replace zombieBite_outcome1 with:

Code: Select all
# survivor dies (half the time)
zombieBite_outcome1_awshucks = Good thing we locked [him] up, cuz before the next morning [he] was all dead and angry. We shot [him] through a crack in the door.
# survivor lives but is unhappier (half the time)
zombieBite_outcome1_luckyyou_1 = The bite fairy must have come in the night and cleared up [Name]'s little problem because [he]'s fine today. Unfortunately [he]'s pissed off now after a night in solitary.
# alternate outcome text with the same effects
zombieBite_outcome1_luckyyou_2 = [FormalName] spent the night banging on the door in frustration. I was sure at one point [he]'d turned and went in to put a bullet in [him], but [Name] was perfectly fine, not even the slightest hint of a fever. Eventually we had to let the [guy] out. I don't think [he]'s happy that we didn't trust [him].

It would be up to me to pick between "awshucks" and "luckyyou". I would use AS3 code that looked like:

Code: Select all
if (Utils.getRandChance(1, 2)) {
    Text.fillEventResult("zombieBite_outcome1_awshucks", result);
    result.killMentionedColin("Turned after being bitten");
} else {
    Text.fillEventResult("zombieBite_outcome1_luckyyou", result);
    result.mentionedColin.happiness -= 15;

Well I might not do it this way because I'm trying to steer clear of random outcomes, but maybe there really IS a bite fairy and you met her earlier and gave her some fuel for her motorcycle. Or something.

So... if you'd like try your hand at writing some events, you could lay them out in this format with plain english comments describing the requirements & effects. Who knows, you might convince me to write a modding system so you can actually write your own events without help from me. :)

So there is is. We have the mandate and we have the framework. Au travail!
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby Llapgochmaster » Thu Feb 06, 2014 6:25 am

And the prize for first tester out of the gates goes to: TheBrickMan! Here's his contribution from the original "Re: variable outcomes thread".

Code: Select all
zombieBite_option3 = Amputate [his] limb. (Lvl 3 Engineer and 1 Medicine Required)
zombieBite_outcome3_darnit = We decided to cut off the limb that was bitten, despite [Name]'s protests. Many of us were haunted as we watched [Name2] do it; we can only imagine how [he] felt. Once [Name2] got it off, [Name] instantly fell unconscious. We quickly got him to a bed, but unfortunately [he] died overnight.
# survivor dies, -1 Medicine
zombieBite_outcome3_hurrah = [Name]'ll live, but he's just not gonna be the same; a missing limb isn't exactly something beneficial. Plus he's gonna need some time to recover; not like we had painkillers when [Name2] did it.
#survivor lives, but gets one of the "Amputee" perks and is injured; -1 Medicine
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby jaydedman » Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:05 pm

Should we make this a "sticky" post so it stays up top? Do people think they'll really start writing little scenarios?
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby Llapgochmaster » Fri Feb 07, 2014 7:32 am

I think Sarah would need to make it a Sticky.

And yes! I, for one, have every intention of contributing scenarios. I just need to dig myself out from under a pile of other commitments, first :)
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby randytravis » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:10 am

How about bonus faction relationship point events that come from reclaiming one of "their" buildings, and an option comes up of letting them come scavenge it, or if it borders the faction, giving them the square for a relationship boost.

"Man, the Riffs always seemed to have it in for us before, but now that we let them have all of the equipment from that dojo we reclaimed, they've been a lot more friendly." +10 relationship or something

"I still think we should have kept the swine, although [leader name] thinks giving them to the Pig Farmers will pay off in goodwill later. Damn I miss bacon." -and then maybe it needs to be converted to a regular farm?

"Hah! After we let those little psychos from St. Michaels clear out the megamall, they've less stingy with trades."

"Giving up the Land O' Drugs to the Pharmacists wouldn't have been my call, but they've been a lot more generous with healing our survivors since we gave them the building."


Or, remembering the effects for later, say if you let the Pharmacists clean out Land O' Drugs, -20% antivenom research time, if you give them the whole building, -40%.

Same deal with farming techniques and the Luddies/Pig Farmers, combat techniques/anti-zombie armor and the Riffs.

I haven't played much with factions, is there a builder faction?
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby rebuildPally » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:24 pm

Yes I'll write for you guys. I need about a week to dig through some backlog. Can this get stickied'd?
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby JerZ » Wed Feb 19, 2014 7:51 pm

Well, someone suggested I stop asking for more events and start writing something, so I did. For this first batch, I have one non-interactive event (no choices, it just happens), one interactive event (you get a choice which can lead to different outcomes), and one minor plot line (whole lots of things going on). I went on the assumption that the game will allow choices to have multiple results so if choose one selection you could get one result the first time and a second result the next time (or the same result again as it's random or semi-random). I also assumed that an event can have multiple texts, which I know is implemented because I saw it with the zombie bite event. Also, I didn't plot this thing in an IF/THEN/ELSE format, though I could do that, maybe.

Sarah, you may use these however you see fit. Use 'em, rewrite 'em, steal 'em, use 'em for inspiration of alternatives, ignore 'em, actively insult 'em, print 'em out and use 'em for toilet paper. It's all good, though if you go for the latter I suggest good quality TP to avoid, well, yeah.

Let's see if I can do black comedy!

First, the non-interactive event:

[random event that happens with a builder or stack of builders performs a mission without any tool equipment, results in one injured survivor]

Shockingly, there are some things duct tape and bubble gum cannot hold together. Who knew? Unfortunately, Builder [Survivor] learned that the hard way when the building [he/she] was working on collapsed on [him/her]. We got [him/her] out in time, but [he/she]’ll need some time to recover. If our crew had some real tools, we'd probably be able to work safer.

Builder [Survivor] took a loose piece of scaffolding in the head. It was like something out of the cartoons except without the anvil. Concussions are funnier in the cartoons. [He/She]’ll need a few days to recover. With some actual tools we'd be able to keep things together a lot better.

Man has used stone implements for thousands of years, but [Survivor] discovered there was a reason why someone invented power tools when [his/her] “hammer” chipped and sent a flake into [his/her] eye. Never saw that on the Flintstones. There’s no permanent damage, but [he/she]’ll need a couple of days to recover. It wouldn’t have happened if we had some proper tools.
(alternatively, there could be real eye damage and the builder gets an eye patch)

Unfortunately [Survivor] was the only one working on [name of the project], so we’ll have to send someone else to finish the job.

(more to follow)

[Edited per suggestions by Llapgochmaster]
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby JerZ » Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:12 pm

The simple interactive event:

[An alternate to the non-interactive dog attack event]


A pack of wild dogs tried to break in last night, but it appears that the tunnel through the fence collapsed just as the digger was breaking through. The mutt started howling like crazy waking up half the fort. It’s half trapped under the debris and none too happy to see us if the growling is any indication.

A solitary dog managed to sneak into the fort, probably looking for something to eat, and got caught in [Name]’s trap for that skunk that had [him/her] sleeping out in the park until the stench ebbed. The pooch is harmless where it is, but its ears and tail are down and it is trying to chew through the bars.

The dogs attacked last night, but we ran them off, except for one. One of the most aggressive of the mongrels was wounded by [Survivor] and has hidden itself in the disorganized junk in one of the storage buildings. The poor thing won’t stop crying and [Survivor] feels horrible about it now. Regardless, we have children around here and we can’t leave a wounded predator to remain on the loose.

PART 2 (optional)
[If there is a survivor with the Animal Lover perk]
[Survivor with Animal Lover perk] thinks that [he/she] has a connection with the dog and would like to try to train it. I dunno. It didn’t seem all that friendly, but it almost certainly had to be someone’s pet in the past. Then again, [Survivor] may have watched too much Pokemon.


TRAIN THE DOG (only appears if there is an Animal Lover)





[If it works]
Hey, we have a regular old dog whisperer on our hands. After a little love and care, [Dog’s name] is better behaved than some people I know. Probably has better table manners too. Who doesn’t slurp his soup? You don’t. You’re a good dog! Oh, yes, you are!
(gain a dog "equipment")

[If it doesn’t work]
[Survivor] tried his best but the beast was completely feral. We had to humanely euthanize it. What a horrible euphemism.

[If it really doesn’t work]
Things seemed to be going great with the training – [he/she] even taught it how to sit – but then the dog was startled by a loud noise and suddenly turned on [Survivor]. We had to put the dog down just to get the mongrel to let go of [Survivor]'s leg. [He/She]’ll need a couple of days to recover. On the plus side, [he/she] seems to have taken his new nickname [Alpo/Purina/Iams] in stride. Well, [he/she] does apparently make good dog chow.
(survivor is injured)

After it lunged at us a couple of times, we put the dog down. Probably for the best. Well, except for the part about having to use the shovel.

I hear dogs are a delicacy in some parts of the world. Then again these days humanity is a delicacy. I had the turnip soup.
(small gain in food)

I could see this event having several modifiers. For instance, the training option requires an animal lover. I think that is a given. The eat the dog option may only appear if food is short. If neither is true then this event would be the non-interactive version.
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby Llapgochmaster » Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:46 pm

Great stuff, guys! I'm sure we could put together a metric ton of these.

JerZ, mind if I do an editing pass on your recent contributions? Hmmm. How to do that without making the thread a mess. Maybe I'll PM you my suggestions and you can edit your original post if you agree with 'em. I'll do that tomorrow.
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Re: [We write!]: Tester written events

Postby JerZ » Wed Feb 19, 2014 9:13 pm

And this is an entire plot line, though not a particularly long one chronologically, maybe a week. I'm not sure if I consider this finished but I don't think I will get it any better at this point.

(only occurs if the city has a coast)

A ship washed ashore this morning, the “Lady Prosperitas” if I can read the faded name correctly. It’s an old rust bucket of a freighter – who knows how long it has been adrift – and it appears to have lost most of its cargo, but it has a couple of containers on the deck that look like they may still be intact. There may be some very useful supplies in there and even empty metal containers would be useful. People live in those things, or so I hear.

The ship is currently moored well outside the fort and there are a lot of zed between here and there. And I do mean “moored” in the loosest sense of the term as it looks like it could break free or break up at any moment. We are going to have to act fast to take advantage. We would need to send a team with builders and engineers to stabilize the ship, then send in the scavengers to do their thing. And of course we’ll need a security detail. Though some of the scavengers think they have enough time to ransack it before it becomes dangerous. Should we scavenge the ship?

(This creates a ship icon on one of the coast squares outside the fort. You have the option to start one of two missions on this square: RANSACK and STABILIZE. RANSACK only requires scavengers and is faster. STABILIZE requires an engineer of a certain level, a builder of a certain level, and scavengers and takes longer. Soldiers are optional and only reduce the mission risk.)

:arrow: BRANCH 1
(If you do nothing after X days)

Thank goodness we didn’t bother with the “Lady Properitas”. It broke free without warning and after floating around for a few hours sank offshore. Rust makes a terrible coffin.

While we were still debating [Faction name] came by and looted the ship for all it was worth. I think one of them did the “I’m the King of the World” thing on the bow. Never saw that movie.

:arrow: BRANCH 2
(RANSACK mission)

While we were scavenging the “Lady Prosperitas” it suddenly broke free and started going out to sea. We had to abandon our efforts and make a run for it. Most of the team escaped unharmed but [Survivor] had to jump for it and hurt [his/her] leg. [He/She]’ll need time to recover.
(1 Injured Scavenger, perhaps small scavenge gain)

While we were scavenging the “Lady Prosperitas” it suddenly broke free and started going out to sea. We had to abandon our efforts and make a run for it. [Survivor] was going back for a cache of goodies but was hit in the head by the ship’s crane and fell overboard. [He/She] drowned before we got there. What a price to pay for a pile of silk handkerchiefs and a diamond necklace.
(1 dead Scavenger, perhaps small scavenge gain, alternatively the "goodies" could be a couple of pieces of useful equipment which you get)

What me worry? That ship is so grounded that the entire fort couldn’t make it move. Trust me, I tried. Inertia is a harsh mistress! Scavenging was a breeze.
(proceed to the REWARDS section)

:arrow: BRANCH 3
(STABILIZE mission)

It took several days, but the ship is firmly moored now. It is not going anywhere, or at least not until we finish the job. Now we just need to open the containers. Feels like Christmas, except coal would be welcome!

PART 2 (random chance of happening if any other Factions exist, otherwise omitted)
(If this random event does not trigger, go to the REWARDS section)
A group from the [Faction Name] showed up right outside the ship as we finished. Apparently they had the same idea to scavenge the ship that we did, but only after we did the hard work. Figures. Anyway, they are claiming the ship belongs to them and are demanding we leave immediately or face the consequences. I asked what proof they had they were here first, and they pointed to their name spray painted on the side of the hull. It was still wet and only half finished. [Survivor] said some gal ran over and tagged the ship before [he/she] could chase her off. Of course.

Their force is [a lot larger/roughly the same size/a lot smaller] than ours.
(The bigger your security contingent is, the better the option)







(If you are "a lot larger")
Boom! [Survivor] pulled his weapon on the [Faction name] leader, catching them completely by surprise. Boom! Hands up in the air like in the movies. Boom! It's a fun word to say! It ends up they were bluffing. They had several guns but no ammunition. I decided to be generous and let them leave peacefully in exchange for a [item]. They promised to be back, but by the time they get back to home base for reinforcements the only thing left on the ship will be some rat droppings. Bon appétit.
(gain one piece of equipment, move on to the Rewards section)

(if you are "a lot smaller")
We lined up for a rumble to protect our prize, but a bunch of guys we hadn’t seen snuck up behind and grabbed us before we knew what happened. Fortunately the [Faction] leader found this whole thing rather amusing, claimed we had spunk, grabbed a souvenir [item] and sent us home without further harm. He probably just didn’t want to make too much of a ruckus to wake up the dead.
(gain nothing, END OF BRANCH, if the team has no equipment then he takes something else like the food the team brought with them)

(If you are "roughly the same size", perhaps alternate for the larger/smaller)
(if things go well)
We decided to fight. [Survivor] got the idea that rather than risk injuring each other and attracting the zed – their moans were getting louder – we should each select a champion on each side and whoever wins the contest gets the prize. This was agreeable to both sides and they choose some huge lumbering beast of a man. Too bad the challenge was rock, paper, scissors. Paper beats rock! Too bad the rock ended up giving [Survivor] a nasty shiner. But at least they agreed to the bargain and left. Probably the best entertainment they have had all week.
(move on to the Rewards section)

(if things go poorly)
We decided to fight. [Survivor] got the idea that rather than risk injuring each other and attracting the zed – their moans were getting louder – we should each select a champion on each side and whoever wins the contest gets the prize. This was agreeable to both sides and they choose some huge lumbering beast of a man. [Survivor] was going to challenge him to rock, paper, scissors, a game which [he/she] seemingly has psychic powers with so [he/she] never loses. Alas, when [he/she] looked up from the ground and saw this behemoth [he/she] stammered and before you knew it was face down in the sand. Guess [he/she] didn’t see that coming. We abided by our promise and carried our “champion” back for some bed rest.
(1 injury, gain nothing, END OF BRANCH)

They don’t deserve any of it, but in the name of our common humanity and other politically correct nonsense, we agreed to split the loot. They sent a contingent to join us on the scavenging just so we didn’t get any ideas. I’m pretty sure one of them hasn’t bathed this decade.
(go to the Rewards section, only get half of the normal take, reputation gain with the faction)

Sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you. We left [Faction Name] with the rust bucket. We were about half way home when there was a loud crashing noise in that direction. Someone must have forgotten to finish securing the lines properly. Or maybe someone just didn't have time to finish securing the lines properly. Wonder who could have forgotten that. Too bad. Hope you know how to swim.
(gain nothing, perhaps a reputation change for the worse with the faction, END OF BRANCH)

(this would immediately follow securing the containers for either the RANSACK or STABILIZE mission; results are random; if sharing the supplies with the other faction, reduce take by half)

The containers tried to hold onto their secrets, but it was nothing a blow torch and a little muscle couldn't overcome. Pass the Bengay.

VCRs? Do they still make those? Or should I say did they still make those? At least it wasn’t Betamax. I think some people still have some VHS tapes around which should make movie night more diverse at least, and the rest will be useful as scrap electronics.
(+5 morale, gain lots of electronics, maybe electronic equipment, small materials gain from the containers)

Plastic children toys & champagne! That must have been a weird invoice. From what I gauge the bubbly is the cheap stuff but it tastes like that rapper stuff to me. Plus you don’t have to boil it to drink it. The kids were more interested in the toys. Once we finally got them to bed, we celebrated by shooting corks off the heads of a few zed milling outside the walls. Good times.
(+20 morale, moderate food gain, small materials gain from the containers)

There was enough quick dry in the containers to put the entire mafia in Chicago in cement shoes, and I mean before everything went to hell. Hmm. I wonder how effective Tommy guns are on the zed. The perfect weapon for the untouchables, am I right? Hey, when zed are involved it is never a knife fight. Occasionally it is a baseball bat fight.
(big gain in materials including the basic amount for the container, maybe a tool)

Food glorious food! Hot sausage and mustard! While we’re in the mood, cold jelly and custard! Who says I didn’t learn anything in high school? Too bad that all went bad. However, there is plenty of other more hardy stuff: sugar, honey, rice, and all the maple syrup you can eat, eh? We can eat for weeks off this stuff. Heck I’d try maple syrup as a beverage.
(big gain in food, small materials gain from the containers)

At first we didn’t see it in the dark, but a zed lurched out of the container at [Survivor]. Fortunately [Survivor] got out of the way, followed by decapitating the zed and tossing it overboard. Funny, it looked kinda like the purser from that TV cruise line show. Inside the container were several skeletons. Best guess is some of the crew was infected and the survivors locked themselves in until help arrived, but one of the survivors was hiding a bite. We gave what was left of the bodies a proper burial. The deceased did have the wherewithal to bring their weapons with them plus enough ammo to support a small army, which did them no good but will not go to waste.
(gain 2-4 weapons, lots of ammo, small materials gain from the containers)

Do I really want to know what the proper procedure is when you get an erection for more than four hours? Well, we are probably going to find out given what one of the containers was stuffed with. Wait, no, someone else can find out for me. I’ll be out sick. Or fighting zed on the other side of the city. Or farming. Give me a damn hoe! Oh, wait, that’s terrible. There was lots of other more normal medical supplies in their too and it looks like it’s still good.
(gain lots of medicine, maybe medical kit or chemistry kit, small materials gain from the containers)

When we hit 88 miles per hour we are going to see some serious stuff. Looking like someone shipped their motor vehicle collection by boat and there is a working DeLorean in there. Too bad it is not a real time machine or we could go back and stop the zombies before they start. Eh, with my luck that’d probably cause Hitler to win WWII or something. There’s also a classic motorcycle in here and several drums of fuel.
(gain lots of fuel, at least 2 vehicles, small materials gain from the containers)


Yeah, it is a bit involved and I wouldn't be disappointed if it was substantially changed. I do like the idea though, especially the random nature of the reward.

That's what I have for now. Let me know what you think. Especially Sarah. I can write more but only if this stuff is useful in some way.
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