Starting missions in RB2 vs RB3

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Starting missions in RB2 vs RB3

Postby jaydedman » Thu Dec 26, 2013 4:47 pm

Sarah said: I'd like to know what you think of the new Create/Edit Mission menu that lets you use the old Rebuild 2 method of picking survivors from a list.

I like visually how it looks like a clipboard where you make plans. Is anyone still using this older way of starting missions?

I've become accustomed to dragging and dropping teams onto missions. I find that I pretty quickly get about 20+ survivors. I then split them into teams: 2 fighting teams, 2 building teams, a leadership team, and a scavenging team. On each turn, I just drag and drop.

In RB 2, it was important to build a team for each project because I was balancing the danger level, or speed of completion.

In RB3, I have these set I just throw new survivors into existing teams thus increasing its skill/power/speed. By the end of the game, Ill have a teams of 5-8 survivors that are basically invincible and super skilled leading to a "mopping up" section of the game.

This is why the "Relationships" and "Perks/Backstory" could be really interesting. I want my teams to start fighting with each other, or rebelling, or sabotaging me, or something other than being little robots. I should care about how I create these teams, but currently I just throw red with red, green with green.....
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Re: Starting missions in RB2 vs RB3

Postby davea » Thu Dec 26, 2013 7:55 pm

I find the R2 style of selecting first, really helpful for scouting missions. Once I have found an unscouted square, it is handy to send a scout with only one or two clicks. Previously, I had to pan back to my "core" zone where unassigned groups are, and click around in the groups to see who is low level and not needed for anything else, then drag that survivor back to the unscouted square. Since unscouted squares are not drawn any differently, by the time I dragged back with the survivor I had sometimes lost track of the exact location I wanted to scout.
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Re: Starting missions in RB2 vs RB3

Postby Ophryon » Thu Dec 26, 2013 10:05 pm

I find both methods useful depending on what I'm doing. It's either:

    a) I have these idle characters/squad and I need to find them work (drag-and-drop until I find a safe job)

    b) Like davea said: I need something done on a specific building. Who's available? (Create Mission)
Create Mission is also useful for finding "lost" characters. Example: I throw a highly skilled Scavenger into a Builder group but then forget she's there because she's not on top. Later, when creating a scavenge mission, sorting by skills reminds me of that mis-assigned scavenger.

My only feature request: in the Recruit list, is it possible to make the icon and the name react differently to clicks? One would add the character to the mission as usual, but the other would only show me the character screen without changing the mission roster. Sometimes I want to just skim through all my soldiers, for example, looking at stats. Right now, every click adds the character, which requires another click to take them off.
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Re: Starting missions in RB2 vs RB3

Postby Chah » Sun Dec 29, 2013 7:56 pm

I also use the method of dragging fixed teams onto squares.

One thing that's helping me use drag-and-drop is that unlike in RB2, I don't need to adjust the strength of an attack team to match the Zed infestation level. If I send in a bigger team than necessary, they probably just kill the Zed faster so the extra firepower is not wasted. (Is that how it works?)

However, I wish I could see the total power of the teams, as well as the infestation level of the squares. I have to drag a team onto a square first to find out if they suffer the risk of losing a member. If they do, then I drag members from other teams onto that first team, adding members one by one and seeing if the green triangle representing danger disappears.

This is one case where the drag-and-drop style isn't helping to streamline play because the info necessary for making decisions isn't displayed.
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Re: Starting missions in RB2 vs RB3

Postby jaydedman » Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:24 pm

We're on the same page. These large groups of survivors usually overcome any problem. A team of fighters usually kill a Zed invasion in a turn or two. A team of builders usually finish building in a turn or two. The bigger the team, the quicker things get done.

I also agree that tool tips would be very nice. As others have been saying, I crave more info without clicking deep down into menus.
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