Suggestion: Plot Suggestions

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Suggestion: Plot Suggestions

Postby dreau118 » Tue Dec 17, 2013 12:26 am

Hello Again! I know that a lot of writing is being done and some of the final endings may be pretty much solid but here are some of my ideas on plots and ideas regarding any part of the game (large or small). Take and leave as you please! Enjoy!

I am not sure what the intention of the water treatment plants are going to be ultimately used for but as a final plot twist to one of the endings, you may be able to link how the zombie epidemic first spread and link it to a corrupt government branch putting it into the water. That anti-zombie venom can be modified to be placed into the water to cure it and spread across to cure all zombies.
There should be 2 branches of Government you meet in this game:
A) The government branch as described in the wiki forums, kind of the good/bad cops who will help to fight off the zombies but will also be large A$$es as a result of their behavior, protocols and leadership.
B) That aforementioned corrupted government branch that may have embraced zombieism (could be related to the Church of the Chosen Ones?) enough to implement this zombie epidemic created by their mad scientists. This branch could even be worse to deal with than the Last Judgement Gang (at least they listen) as they could be single minded and will get rid of anyone who stands in their way (what ever that may be...)

Fun Reference
I don't know if anyone has played the old Mac Game "Oregon Trail" but I remember a lot of my travelers seemed to die of dysentery or cholera, pretty much like 60-70% of the time, dam that was frustrating yet funny. I would find it funny (dark humor if anything) if at times when a survivor dies of dysentery or cholera due to bad health conditions from a lack of a hospital in the survivor fort. Could help diversify some of the random deaths that occur in game.

It can be like this: "Joe finally gave into dysentery last night. I guess I finally know what it is like to die in Oregon Trail. I didn't even know what dysentery was when I was a kid playing that dam game"

Dying of dysentery or cholera would make sense in the time frame of this game as one of the first things to go is the living and health conditions of the survivors within the fort.

A Rare and Helpful Instance
If you are thinking of adding a new building that can add a new dimension, you may want to think of adding an airport. Large (4 maybe even 8 tiles large) or small (2 tiles) this can provide a reason to capture it for an ending in the game as well as random events like the following below:

A plane flying above the fort for the last 20 minutes has contacted our radio and has asked for permission to land on your airstrip. Saying no will cause it to fly away while saying yes can lead to a plethora of people to meet and opportunities to experience.

Maybe Gustav has finally upgraded from his little dinky caravan to a nice AC-130 chalked full of supplies. Maybe this is a good way to meet the government faction on your map that may be hidden in shroud and as a result of meeting them, they are now exposed on your map and available for trading or whatnot. Maybe its a survivor plane (rare and helpful event) looking for a home and saying yes to them with the right leadership and requirements may merit 5+ survivors along with a bounty of supplies to bolster your fort. Maybe its a remote controlled drone controlled by the l33t group (nerdy group, I forgot sorry!) that wants to bomb you cuz they don't like you or maybe they want to make contact with you in hopes of trading or an alliance.

This is a good way to introduce many factions and opportunities, the sky is the limit.
(haha get it? cuz thats where planes fly right? ><)
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Re: Suggestion: Plot Suggestions

Postby Llapgochmaster » Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:23 am

Good stuff, Dreau118. As Sarah has mentioned elsewhere, she anticipates that there will be 3-5x more writing to be done for Rebuild 3 than the previous games, so there will be many opportunities to contribute event texts, etc. When we know more about how the game will operate it and what "hooks" are available it will be easier to tune ideas (like yours) to the game world and mechanics. I can't wait :P
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