Suggestion: Rescue Missions

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Suggestion: Rescue Missions

Postby Llapgochmaster » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:49 pm

Right now a beyond-the-wall mission ends either with success, a casualty (maximum of one?), or a death (maximum of one?).

It might be fun to add a fourth outcome, say "colonists in extreme distress", that would require launching a rescue mission in order to avoid total or near-total loss of the away squad. A rescue mission could, in its most basic incarnation,be just a dangerous zombie-clearing mission with a timer on it. The basic gameplay idea would be to present the player with the difficult choice of saving one group of colonists by risking the lives of another group.

To make things more interesting, perhaps rescue missions would be more or less feasible depending on signaling technology research (e.g. flares, radio). This would give the player a sense of urgency to get those techs in place (similar to the current urgency to find/build a hospital).

No tech scenario: "Our team at the cemetery didn't make it back last night. Should we send a team to check in on them?"
If the player chooses "Yes", a "?" appears on the mission square and a zombie killing mission can be dispatched with a low chance of finding the missing colonists partially alive & wounded. End event text: "If only we had a damn radio or something so we could know when someone was in trouble!"

Tech scenario: "Our scavengers at the school-house are trapped! We've got to do something!"
A "?" appears on the mission square and a zombie-killing mission can be dispatched with a reasonable chance of recovering the team, perhaps with some casualties.

Along with higher numbers of potential casualties per mission, it would be nice if we could fit more than one colonist per hospital. Just sayin!

Incidentally, the same basic mission template could also serve for other time-sensitive missions:

1. Receive a radio signal for help from trapped survivors (could be a trap?)
2. Scouts spotted a group of survivors being transported in chains by a rival faction.
3. A military helicopter just crash-landed by the river!
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