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First thoughts from a Linux tester

PostPosted: Fri Nov 29, 2013 10:35 am
by Rosuav
I'm going to be doing all (or at least most) of my testing on Linux, one way or another. Possibilities include testing under VirtualBox in a Windows guest, as well as what I've done so far on Chrome on a Debian Wheezy amd64 system.

The splash screen warned me of a hardware issue, which I didn't resolve. Will try that as a separate test, but for now, am running all the defaults. Here's my notes... they may come off sounding a little critical, but please, I mean no offense by them :)

* The password field isn't masked
* Start a custom city: Am I supposed to be able to do something with the six left/right arrows near the leader portrait?
* Opportunity missed for a shout-out! "Hi there! Lemme splain the basics." -- looking for "No, there is too much. Lemme sum up." :)
* Presumably this'll be better once it goes live, but the pagination in the help info is a bit odd - there's no real clue as to whether or not there's more, you just click Down until it goes down no further.
* I detest drag-and-drop UIs. They seem like a reasonable idea on tablets/phones, but can get quite awkward with certain types of mouse (especially laptop mice). They also get tedious quickly if done badly. This one jumps about a bit (possibly due to the video issue it complained about on startup), but even without that, I would MUCH prefer an interface more like the original Rebuild, where you click on a target and choose who to send.
* The "Done" tab merges in visually with all the other tabs, even though it does an extremely different thing. Applies to pretty much every notebook.
* Sometimes two survivors get stuck together. This could be a great UI feature if I only understood what was going on - and how to separate them. (Did the doctor fall in love with the leader??) Everywhere I try to drag one, the other comes too. Helps a lot if they work well together.

Played the game until I lost (and that's really hard to do in easy mode!!), definitely has promise.