Are there any UI/automation mods?

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Are there any UI/automation mods?

Postby FrothFrenzy » Mon Aug 28, 2017 2:57 am

So I had to register just to ask this, as I didn't have any luck finding what I was looking for.

Background - I really love this game. The mini-stories are amazing, the gameplay is great and I love the minute details that went into the development of the mechanics. The challenge factor is also high, and it's not uncommon for me to fire up a quick game on impossible with all the new characters and struggle for survival, and sometimes win.

However, there is one thing that greatly bothers me and forces me to detract from the gameplay, and that is the UI. To be more exact - I have to make MANY clicks to do something when only a few would do. There is no skill involved, instead it's a micro-management fest that at times drives me insane.


1. I can win on impossible only by keeping the perimeter clear of zed. Once a square turns green, I'm hitting it immediately with any one survivor. The number of times I have to do this per game is probably in the hundreds, especially if I'm playing on a >small map, and this is before I can get access to traps. And every time I do so, I have to drag a survivor, click attack, and then when the attack is over, I have to drag him again and return him to whatever job he was doing before the attack. Solution - make him a part of a "Patrol". Patrolling survivors will be doing a job like farming and when a perimeter square turns green, they will interrupt whatever it is they are doing and hit the square. When and if all squares are clear, they return to what they were doing before. If roamers are nearby or they are in the way of a charging mob, they switch to another valid space to attack or return to work. Hell, this could even be done better if you have someone dedicated to a Patrol, and if his defense is high enough, he automatically kills a set amount of zed preemptively so they don't spawn on the perimeter. As if he's constantly in combat and killing them the moment they appear.

2. Scouting. If I'm playing a >small map, I get really insane with this, to the point I occasionally have a breakdown and let the zed in to take my house. Drag a survivor to an unexplored space, click scout, survivor returns, return him to a previous job or scout again, repeat, hundreds or thousands of times. Solution - make a survivor a "Scout". This guy will scout every single space of the map, starting from the closest squares and working his way up, and just like a Patrol, he will cancel or switch to a next valid space if a dangerous zombie mob is close by. All in four clicks or less. We can even e.g. make him scout up to X squares deep and then stop.

3. Queue. Why isn't there such a thing? Why do I have to return to the lab and select every single research by hand? Why do I have to return to the workshop five times if I want 1x of each item? Why do I have to assign each attack/reclaim manually when it's obvious I'm gonna do a straight line? Solution - create an Agenda. As a leader, you create a queue of all the things you want to be done consecutively - once job #1 is done, job #2 begins immediately if possible, etc. Then you assign survivor/s to an Agenda, and you have time to do other things. Sometimes I even forget to assign my researcher to a tech, and valuable time is lost. Nothing short of a load game can get that time back! To make this better, make it compatible with both Patrol and Scouting! And to make it even more brutal, make it so you can import Agendas from other games. So you don't have to remake the same Agenda EVERY game. Of course, you could have a whole list of Agendas, each having its own preset of jobs, onto which you can assign your survivors to. Not just one.

4. Pause game when trigger is met. This is not that much annoying as the above stuff, but lets be honest - all game speeds are too slow save for the fastest one. It's here that I find myself pausing/resuming like a maniac whenever a survivor finishes whatever job he was doing, or is getting close to finishing it. One of my favorite games, X-Com Apocalypse (lots of similarities to Rebuild!), has an easy solution to this. In fact, it has about 20 of them. It offers a yes/no choice if you want to pause the game whenever a certain trigger is met. "Hostile unit spotted." Do you want to pause when this happens, yes/no? "Unit is critically wounded." Pause, yes/no? These options would really help the game and valuable hours wouldn't be lost when I fail to realize in time that a survivor didn't do anything for the past week. This is especially prominent when several survivors are injured and I completely forget about them because the town is freaking huge and they chose the most isolated place to recuperate. "Survivor recovered." Would you like to pause when this happens? Yes, please. Throw a reminder into my face also for good measure.


5. Weapon equip templates. Now this one made me deranged on numerous occasions. I usually equip melee weapons to my soldiers as I don't want to waste ammo on easy targets (see #1). But there comes a time when shit hits the fan and I don't have enough soldiers to defend against a charger mob or attack a roamer mob. So I have to bring non-soldiers to reinforce. And then begins the tedious process of equipping each of these survivors with a weapon (mostly firearms), the defense/attack ends and now I have to unequip them all again, because I have no idea which ones will be available to me in the next similar encounter. This happens several dozen to a hundred times per game. Solution - make a template called "Overwatch". This is a single click button which equips every weaponless survivor with a weapon, starting with the strongest weapon and working down. The entire group is now under Overwatch, and the game "remembers" which survivors were equipped this way. Once the encounter ends, you press the button again, and poof - it's back to the old state. Soldiers keep their preordained weapons and everyone else in the group unequips their weapon.

6. Easy scavenges. In the mid to late game, there comes a time where I just blaze through the map - the soldiers are clearing a way towards a side of the map and several builders are reclaiming and following closely behind. This is even worse when playing story mode, which to be honest is too damn easy even on impossible (I never went past level 5 because I got click-crazy). It is here that a lot of the resources remain unscavenged, and I have to individually clear each one with a scavenger. This probably happens up to a hundred times per game. Solution - designate a scavenger to automatically scavenge these resources whenever they are available, as there is no threat in doing so. Let's call it "Auto-Scavenge". In the meantime, he could also do something useful such as farming, where he simply interrupts the process whenever resources are available and returns to farming once all the resources have been scavenged. There should also be an option if you want to scavenge food or not, as I see there can be borderline situations where you wouldn't want to do this due to wasting on a full storehouse.


There are probably some other things that fall under this, but I can't think of them now. This game is awesome but man - the number of some actions and clicks are so damn high, and unnecessarily so. It greatly detracts from the gameplay and takes away lots of the fun. I find myself genuinely enjoy what I'm doing only in the early game, when my every move has a meaning and a risk/reward logic behind it. Playing after that is a real pain in the ass, though, and it doesn't need to be. This is a problem because I think this is the main reason why I never went all-in in trying to deduce the good ending triggers, and thus never played the story mode past level 5. I would have but I get constantly distracted! Kill this, reclaim that, scout this, scavenge that, mob attack imminent, x999999. I went online to search for the specifics instead and man, would that be a challenge! But I get stuck doing all these menial jobs and can't properly concentrate on the storyline. It's like you get a shit job IRL and all of a sudden you are too exhausted to play your guitar every other day! Eventually I just started skipping over all the dialogue because there were other things that needed doing, and I can't afford spending days beating a single map anymore. The problem here is that the story is supposed to be the strong point of this game!

My typical game is like this:
1. Early game - amazingly BRUTAL fun! Every survivor, item and resource are important. Planning the next reclaim is monumental! This game really shines when there are 10 or less survivors, struggling for survival.
2. Mid game - managed to reclaim and/or build a school, laboratory and workshop. We are at about 10 survivors and are capable to barely defend against a runner horde. Can I afford to build traps now? Perhaps two sticks of dynamite? What perks will I get with survivor management? I love this part, but perhaps slightly less than the early game because of the annoyances I wrote before.
3. End game - roamers are an added annoyance, solved by lots of clicking, runner horde danger is perpetually in the green but will take away a square if I don't pay attention, I have a City Hall and everything I need. I have to do this job for that faction, then this job for the other, switch my soldier group to this place... then a minute later switch it to another. Oh, I have 100% respect? Let's ally. I wait for an inordinately long time. Then I spend inordinately more time trying to get others to ally while doing every other possible menial job in the game. Come on, game - I've won! Don't punish me like this...

There are so many times in the game when I produce sounds such as "Unngghh..." or "Urrrggh..." because I know a tedious process is about to begin, and it has to be done if I want to advance. This game not only makes you fight zombies, it's slowly turning you into one!

Is there something that can be done about this?
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