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Monkey Blood Quest Guide and Good Ending

PostPosted: Mon Dec 12, 2016 9:41 am
by DextorPlays
So I have just completed the campaign on Impossible. Missed the Monkey blood twice during the run, but for all those wondering how to get this done. I went back into my campaign and reran the last piece to obtain the Monkey Blood and get the good ending. I produce a video guide on the Monkey Blood Quest and another for the Good Ending to prove that it does in fact exist :)

A huge thanks to Sarah Northway and Northway games for the permission to post this series. I have loved playing all the rebuild games and if you missed the earlier ones I will drop links her for you to check those out. This was the very first series I started on my channel and I had a ball playing and learning to produce the videos.

Rebuild 3 Monkey Blood Quest Guide

Rebuild 3 Episode 165 True Cure Ending

Rebuild -
Rebuild 2 -