Higher survivor cap

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Higher survivor cap

Postby MNP » Sat Oct 10, 2015 9:08 am

As of now, you're only are only capable to house 250 people, when you reach the max "housing cap", you can't recruit any more survivors, by sending leaders on recruitment missions, you can instead reclaim the buildings with "unclaimed" survivors inside, as if they weren't there (they will move to a building next to the claimed building, but if there is no where to move (no free unclaimed buildings without other unclaimed survivors), they will be lost.

So far the only ways, I know of, to gain more than 250 people, is;
Camper perk - Each survivor with the camper perk dosen't need a house, so they dosen't count towards the housing cap.

Random event's and faction missions - When you reach the housing cap, survivors won't come to you randomly (via signpost and searchlight research events), but you can still recruit survivors via faction missions (Fx. save a faction member from slavers and say "we want him"), and special events (such as the "Gustav zombie circus")

Children growing up - When a child reaches the age of 14 (in my opinion it's too young, but not my decision, I would have chosen 16 or 17), you gain a survivor.

But the "problem" is that when I play an epic sized map, I have recruited 250+ survivors, within 100 days or so, and the one time, I counted the remaining "unclaimed survivors", and if there were no limit, I could have had over 1000 people in my fort, given them increased rations, and still be able to feed all of them.

So I would be happym, if there was a way to chose a limit for yourself (Fx. in the "map setup", chose max housing cap, from 250 to 1000, or something like that), or if the limit was either removed or raised.
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