Ideas for new perks

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Ideas for new perks

Postby MNP » Thu Oct 08, 2015 1:16 am

I love the perk system, but I think there is room for some more, both to equalize some perks, but also to add more possible combinations.

Perk name - Skill (or random) - Effect
Some desciption and why.

Woodcutter / Lumberjack - Builder - Gives a chance to produce extra materials when chopping wood.
As a "respons" to the Crafter perk. The chainsaw could give this perk. (+1 material pr person with perk in the group, each time you recive materials from the mission)

Bartender - Leader - Extra happieness if working in a bar
The opposite of the Preacher perk

Fisher - Scavenger - Chance for extra food when fishing (I don't know if the perk "hunter" does this, but I don't think so)

Teacher - Leader or random - Other survivors in the group will learn faster at schools.
A bit the opposite of the Scholar perk, instead of leaning faster, others learn faster when in school, when the survivor with the perk is in the group.

I have a long list of "special" perks too, but that is under an other post ("Upgrade" survivors idea viewtopic.php?f=2&t=2029)
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