"Upgrade" survivors idea

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"Upgrade" survivors idea

Postby MNP » Wed Oct 07, 2015 12:59 am

How about being able to "upgrade" survivors, to "black background" (like the player)

Quick facts about the idea.
-The survivor needs to be level 10 in defense, scavenger, engineer, builder and leader (not counting bonus from items and perks, it needs to be the survivors base skill levels)
-When upgraded, the person will have his/her skills reset to level 0, but don't need to go to school to "change profession", but will still have to learn everything again (since it's now level 0)
-Gets to chose 1 special perk (not the exact same perks as the player, but still special and powerfull perk's)
-Background changes to black (like the players character)
-Survivors can only be "upgraded" like this, you can't gain them by recruiting.

-Should the survivor(s) keep his/her perks? or should he/she have them reset too?
If kept, should he/she then get to chose perks as he/she levels up again? (to a total of 6 chosen perks?) or should they just not gain any new perks after "leveling up".
If removed, should "pre-learned" perks be removed? (fx. some survivors got the "devout" perk when you get them, while others can only get it from being with others with the perk, or by leveling up and then chosen)

Perk ideas
Most are like the "pre-profession" perks the leader can chose.

-Police officer - +3 Defense and +1 Defense from guns (should it stack with firearms training?) And counts as the Peacekeeper perk (less personal fighting)
-Millitary Officer - +1 Defence and +1 Leadership, If in a group of Soldiers, the combined strength of the group is 25% higher.
-Explosive expert - +1 Defense and +1 Engineering, makes +2 ammo, +1 fireworks and +1 explosives when in the group that makes said item in a workshop.

-Shop Clerk - +3 Scavenging and better trade delad with other factions.
-Cook - +3 Scavenging and +1 from edged weapons (swords and knives) and it includes the Good Cook perk.

-Programmer - +3 Engineering and special relationship with the I337 faction.
-College Student - +3 Engineering and counts as the Bookworm and Scholar perks.
-School Teacher - +3 Engineering and if leaning in the same school as other survivors, the
school is +25% more effective (stacks with the players College Student perks)
-Doctor - +3 Engineering and it works as a First Aid perk, makes +2 medicin and +1 medkit if in the group that makes said items in a workshop.

-Construction Worker - +3 Builder and It only cost 2 material to re-build rubble (instead of 7)
-Carpenter - +3 Builder and +25% more material if felling trees.

-Politician - +3 Leadership and better at talking wiht other factions (special favors and such)
-Bartender - +3 Leadership and bars is +25% more effective.
-Priest - +3 Leadership and churches is more effective.

Will add more as I get more Ideas
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