Map Ideas (map shapes and buildings)

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Map Ideas (map shapes and buildings)

Postby MNP » Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:31 am

As of now, you can chose a few things to for the maps in quick play.
Here is a few ideas I have come up with, that could make them more unique.

- Map Shape's -
Island - Instead of beach/ocean to one side (if coastline is enabled) and either hills or forest to the other, there is beach/ocean all the way around (all this is most for cosmetic reason, but it can also be a little "harder" if there is no chance to find and use the forest at the edge to gather materials (there are still parks).

Archipelago - A bit the same idea as the "Island form", but instead of rivers through the map, making the land look like it have been torn through like a piece of paper, it's a couple of islands, only bound together with bridges, it gives a need for a new tactic, in case the other factions end up blocking the bridge to their island.
This replaces the "rivers option" when chosing the Island map shape.

Moutain pass - 2 cities, build on each side of an mountain (the edges is only hills), with a narrow pass through, the farms and fields is mainly located in the moutain pass, and the "inner city" is spit in each of the 2 "cities".
The "pass" is between 1 and 4 tiles wide, and the length is based on the size of the map.
If there's rivers enabled, they are only located through the cities, not the pass.

- New Buildings -
Dry Dock - 1x2 - On maps with coast line enabled, there is a building next to the beach/ocean, called a Dry Dock, with an almost finished ship.
You have to do a bit the same as with the Disused Farm.
Reclaim the building
Repair the ship - 10 material
Fuel the ship - 20 fuel
Find a captain (instead of a pilot) - Same idea, a survivor with the "Captain" perk, can be found by doing quests for other factions.
Leave with the ship - can bring 6 people, just like the plane.
Only real major change, is that on the next map, instead of starting a random place on the map, you start next to the ocean.

Train station - 2x2 - On "non island" maps, you can find an old train station with an broken down train, at the edge of the map, next to either hills or forest.
The idea is the same as with the Disused Farm and the Dry Docks.
Reclaim the building
Repair the train - 25 materials and a special part, that needs to be either build in a workshop, or bought/earned from an other faction (like with the Power Plant)
Fuel the train - 50 fuel
Find a train specialist - Same idea as with the others, you need a survivor with a special perk, in this case "Railroad Engineer"
Like with the Dry Dock and the ship, you don't start a completely random place on the new map, but you start next to hills or forest (the next map can't be an Island formed map, since there isn't any hills or forest), AND you start with a special building called an "End Station".
End Station - If you leave a map via the Train Station, you start with a special building on the new map (including the standard starting buildings), it will be next to hills or forest, and not will work as a warehouse (+50 food storage) and you will recive random resources each week, from the town you left from (2-10 material, fuel or ammunition, or 5-25 food, but it's random what you get each week)
If the End Station is destroyed or otherwise lost, you won't recive any more weekly resources from the other town, if it's reclaimed again, you will recive the weekly resources again.

Stadium - 2x2 - The old main sports stadium of the city, it can be used to host sport competitions and gives random happiness to survivors (since they now have propper facilities to play sport)
Can be used to host a large sport competition once a month (30 days cooldown)
It takes 5+ days to prepare (leaders do it faster)
You need to have some special equipment in storage (2 baseball bats and 2 golf clubs)
It cost some food (20?), materials (10?) and fireworks(5?) to do.
There is a chance, that the preparations will hold, and you get a quest to find some special sport equipment, a scavenging quest at a chosen warehouse or mall (if there is no warehous or mall left on the map, an other building will be randomly chosen, it can be both inside or outside the fort)
While the preparations is being done, you get an extra option with the other fations, when you talk with them, you can invite them to compete with you in the station, rach faction that is invited, is most likely to give you respect with said faction, but there is a small chance that they might be unamused by it all and you lost respect, if a faction isn't invited, they will either say "se didn't care" or "we are mad that you didn't invite us" (where you will lose some respect with the faction)

- Feature ideas for existing building -
Radio Station
-Intercepting Messages - When you have reclaimed a radio station and reseached "generator power" (and maybe "spotting spies", or an other tech, fx a new one you could call "radio") you will automaticly contact the 1337cREw (if they are on the map) and you can assign your engineers to listen to radio signals from other factions, you can then do time limited missions at certain buildings, where the other factions have found something, and steal it before they can claim it. This will cause the faction you have yoinked the mission from, to lose 1-2% strength.
The more skilled enigineers there is assigned to the Radio Station, the bigger the chance to intercept a message.
There is a chance that the team from the other faction will shows up while you do/complete the mission you can chose to;
Attack the [Faction name] team - high danger (defense skill) and if you win, the faction will lose 3-6 strength, If you lose, you will lose respect with the faction and some of your survivors might die or get hurt
Sneak away with the loot - Scavenging skill, if succes, no change in anything, if fail, you will lose repsect with the other faction
Talk with the other group - Leader skill, if succes, they will belive that you were just lucky to find the loot before them (no change in respect), if it fails, they will demand the loot, you can then chose to give it to them or do the "Attack the [Faction name] team" option.
-Public Radio - Once you have reseached "Generator power" (and maybe "radio" if it gets added), you can assign leaders to the Radio Station to host a radio chanel, it will give random happiness ("I hear my favorit song on the radio today"), and new survivors to arive at the fort ("I heard you on the radio and came as fast as I could, can I join?")

-Party - Some times, you just need to relax and throw a party, you can set you leaders to host a party at a bar once a week (takes 1+ days to prepare and has 7 days cool down)
It will give happiness to enveryone (but some devout might not be affected) and people will gain random fiendship points with each other, some of them might even for couples (spouse and such)
It cost 50 food and 5 fireworks to hold a party.

-Train Pilot/Captain/Train Engineer -If you chose not to bring the specialist (fx. when you try to kidnap the pilot) from the other faction, you get told that "maybe you can teach an other survivor, if you had the right books"
You can only gain these books from Gustav, he will demand a favor from you, a "simple" mission, where you have to clear a random building of zombies, scavenge some stuff and bring it back to Gustav. When you get the books, you can chose ONE survivor to teach (so you don't spam teach the perk), it takes at 3 weeks (21 days) for the survivor to learn the new perk , but you can chose exactly who you wish to learn it (but should youself be able to learn it? yes or no, please tell me what you think)

- Make equipment - Set you engineers to make a random piece of equipment, but not all can be made, there are some that is just too complex to make. but what should it cost? 5 material?
The higher the combined engineering skill, the higher the chance is to get the better equipment.
Craftable Weapons; Stick, Boomerang, Baseball bat, Nunchuk, Shovle, Nail Board, Whip, Sword, Crossbow, Fireaxe, Knife, Pickaxe, Sledgehammer.
Craftable Items; Helmet, Cowboy hat, Guitar, Flashlight, Crowbar, Backpack, Pitchfork, Wrench, Saw, Hammer.

Build vehicle- There are plenty of abandon vehicles in the old drive in, but only a few of then have a chance to be repaired, send a mix of engineers and scavengers to the Drive-in, and make they try to restore some of the old cars to working order.
Each Drive in can only be be "used" 3 times, and each time will give either a Car or Motorcycle (not Bicycle, Armored Truck or Kitt (and the Kitt is a special item after all). But maybe add some more "special vehicles", such as;
Motocross Bike (+1 Defense and +2 scavenging), "Drives over hills and zombie remains with ease"
Race car (+2 Defense and +1 Scavenging) "For when you need to get from A to B fast"
Tank (+3 Defense, can ONLY be found when scavenging) "Get the tank. What? you don't have a, oh crap a tank" (From "The Crack - Christmas", just search for it on youtube)

Please post you thoughts about these ideas.
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