Version 0.80 Released

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Version 0.80 Released

Postby sarahnorthway » Mon Feb 09, 2015 6:50 am

Edit: now live on Steam (mac & windows) and

It's our last day in Bali. I'll miss the sounds of my little office in the garden: the priests chanting in the temple across the street, crickets chirping, cows mehhhhing in our neighbor's barn and the ducks in the rice field. I might not miss the roosters though. Cock-a-doodle-do-you-ever-effing-sleep??

We're heading back to the states tomorrow, angling in on our yearly pilgrammage to the Game Developer Conference in SF. Too many expensive cocktails draining our entire year's booze budget in one month. So long as I don't get sick like the last two years (fingers crossed!)

This month I did a big optimization push. If you've had framerate problems or issues with that epic map size, this should help. There's a new superfast 4th speed setting now that the game can better support it. I optimized a lot of different things, so if anything is acting fishy, please report it from the game's config @feedback menu.

Also I made some changes to faction combat that should make it less tedious to mop them up, but I'm still working on it; might be too fast and easy now on some difficulties or map sizes. And new events and a longer plotline involving an old crop-duster airplane.

I'm going through the survey results tonight. So far: average beta player's age is 24, and you don't think the game is nearly as buggy as I do. Good to hear it!

Version 0.80 changelog:
new events
airplane ending (randomly on some skirmish levels or you can force it in the options)
new skinny woman and men heads and outfits
attractors pull mobs and roamers from 5 buildings away and are eventually consumed
putting a zombie attractor beside a faction fort may cause them to be attacked
cultists can spread faster by preaching at a church
children now age way faster and women give birth faster
new 4th speed setting, 5x faster than the old max
make hunter perk also ignore distance difficulty
you can now attack faction forts from afar
attacking adjacent faction forts automatically reclaims their buildings
taking faction's headquarters causes a big drop in strength
if a faction's strength drops too low zombies may take their buildings
random events are now 3-5 days instead of 2-3 days
sorting survivors by happiness
new config.ini variables (see forums)
cleaned up cheevos screen
reduced game loading time and broke up long pauses
made map dragging 10x faster
removed brokenass glowing buildings when dropping bombs etc
prevent dragging map into the blackness (still issues with zooming)
optimized performance in many many little ways and hopefully didn't break everything
new parameters to new city menu to make rural/urban/all farms maps and add airplane
another stab at showing happiness in event results
fixed alliance / rescue mission (again cuz source control undid my fix)
fixed a bunch of small bugs
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